Pet Sitting/Feeding

Can pet sitting be the right option for your dog or cat?

Pet sitting is a great alternative for a kennel. Many dogs and cats don’t enjoy staying in strange places. There might be limited space and they are not able to move around as they used to. Even with very good kennel owners the stress levels are sometimes very high for a dog amongst many other dogs. Lots of activity and barking can be a stress factor especially if your home situation is relaxed.

We believe pets do better in homes.

And for that matter, in their own homes.

Many people rely on family and friends to care for their pets when they are away. A friend might agree to stop by and check on your pets, or maybe you drop off your pet with relatives. Although it is free, you end up owing them one, right? Sometimes you feel bad about continually asking for the pet sitting favour, especially if you go away often on weekends or vacation.

Pets do enjoy their own environment and the place they know best, their own home. Older pets are more relaxed at home. For households with more than one pet, in-home pet sitting make sense. This is the place they play with each other and is familiar with. They know the environment, the smells and the area.

So, why not let the sitter come to them instead of taking them to the sitter? Sometimes some dogs are not used to traveling and it becomes a high stress situation for the owner and the pet to get on board to be taken to the pet sitter! Not even mentioning catching and loading a cat that doesn’t want to work with you.

Pet sitting at you own home does avoid the high drama of transferring the pets to an unfamiliar environment and back.

Home sweet home might be the solution for you.

And remember, the Pet Sitter can also keep an eye on your property and do additional small things as part of the pet sitting service.