Home Stay

If the thought of leaving your pet at home alone at night, makes you feel guilty, or to send your pet to a strange facility, to sleep in a strange cage, surrounded by other strange pets makes you want to stay home.

Or if your dog does not get along with other dogs in a cage free environment, then you might consider a pet sitter to stay over at your home. You can enjoy your vacation with the knowledge that your pet is not home alone.

This is a pet sitting option for all pets who need little extra attention. A pet sitter will spend the night in your home, with all its familiar scents, sounds, bed and sofas. This will give your pet the same relaxing sleep while you’re away.

The pet sitter also looks after your home in your absence, adding to the “lived in” security while you’re not there.

Additional pet sitting services will also ensure your place is in good order when you arrive back without having to face dead pot plants, pet messes and overfilled post boxes.