What about boarding at the pet sitters home?

This offers an alternative to kennels where your pet goes to stay over at the pet sitter’s place and not with other dogs in cages.

Here again, your pet is more relaxed and feel more at home, in a real home environment, although not their own home. Normally it’s in an environment with only limited number of other pets. They are free, playing with their new mates as if they are at home. With a person looking after them as an additional member of the family.

No need to feel bad begging family or friends to look after the pets.

This is an experience for the pet owner that makes them feel good about. To provide a place where the pet gets individual attention, feeling more at home and is cage free. Pet owners, pet sitters and pets can meet before a booking is made to get to know each other.

PetsApp creates an opportunity for pet sitters to earn extra money doing something they love. While pet owners have more choices for quality care for their pets, they can count on time after time. They also spent their rands in their own communities and supporting people in their own neighborhoods.

This creates a network of people all caring for our pets as if they are their own.