Pet Sitters – How it Works

We’re South Africa’s newly launched Pet Sitters online service. We need Pet Sitters from every City and Town to list services now.

We are offering 60 days FREE listing for all new members. So, all the more reason to list today.

Become a Pet Sitter on PetsApp

  • You have the freedom to choose your schedule, services, and rates
  • We provide resources and opportunities to help you build your business
  • We do on going promotion of Pet Sitters services

How it Works

Only pet loving persons can list their services on PetsApp. If you’re dedicated to providing safe, loving dog care, you could be a great fit. You agree to abide by the Pet Sitter’s Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions of PetsApp.

Register and Create a Listing

Tell us a bit about yourself, add a high quality photo, and register and verify on Make sure you’re putting your best face forward and accurately describing the care you’ll provide.

See if You Qualify

Our team manually reviews each profile and do an identity verification. If your profile’s approved, then you’re in business! Your profile’s now live, and pet owners can start sending you requests.

Annual listing Fee on PetsApp

You don’t pay any monthly fees or commissions on services rendered.

We charge an annual listing fee of R199.00 for individual pet sitters.

This will only be due after the initial 60 days free period.

Open for Business and Pet Sitters Charges

We recommend you start with slightly lower rates to get into the market and make a name for yourself. Say, you charge half of the average daily kennel rates in the area, you will be able to get enough business to make a good income. Remember, kennels invested much more in infrastructure and staff to provide their services. There is also a huge difference in city rates vs country towns rates.

You could earn a handsome monthly income depending on your chosen availability and schedule. Pet owners pay you directly for services rendered.

Get Ongoing Support

We’ll connect you with educational opportunities and continually advertise to bring you more clients. As a newly launched platform we will add more benefits and services as we grow.

Learn More About PetsApp and Register Now